Majority of voters support protecting health coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions

November 27, 2018

A majority of voters from across the political spectrum believe every American deserves access to quality, affordable health coverage, regardless of their health status or pre-existing condition, according to a new ACS CAN poll.

Nearly 7 in 10 voters said that patients with pre-existing conditions should not be charged more for their health care coverage and agreed there should be no extra costs, no caveats hidden in the fine print and no denial of necessary health care. And 82 percent of those polled didn’t think insurance companies should be able to charge higher prices to sicker customers.

“Voters understand that simply prohibiting insurers from denying coverage based on your health status alone isn’t enough. They expect that people with conditions like cancer will be able to get coverage without paying more and that their plan will cover necessary medical care when and if they need it,” said ACS CAN President Chris Hansen.

According to ACS CAN’s poll, which was conducted in the days leading up to and including Election Day, 80% of voters said that health coverage must cover all necessary treatments that a patient needs.

The poll results also showed that health care was a top issue for voters in this election and that it is an issue that people think Congress should be focused on.

“We hope these results resonate with elected officials at the federal and state levels as they consider how to strengthen our nation’s health care system,” said Chris Hansen.

ACS CAN volunteers have worked tirelessly to protect health coverage for cancer patients and other people with pre-existing conditions . ACS CAN will continue to fight for access to quality, affordable and comprehensive coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and fight to make sure patient protections under the current law remain intact.