Lifesaving Colorectal Cancer Bill Passes the U.S. House

December 13, 2019


The U.S. House of Representatives just passed our legislation to close the colorectal cancer loophole.

ACS CAN volunteers have worked tirelessly for years and it is thanks to their great work that this important legislation has now passed the House.

Because of the loophole, many seniors on Medicare have been skipping lifesaving colonoscopies.

Under Medicare, there should be no cost-sharing for a colonoscopy. But, if the doctor removes a polyp - which can be pre-cancerous - a patient can wake up to a $300 bill. The possibility of a surprise bill is preventing people from even getting a colonoscopy, which is the gold standard for preventing colorectal cancer or catching it early when it’s easier to treat.

While the legislation still must pass the Senate, this House passage means this bill is one step closer to being implemented.