Letter in the Omaha World Herald: Raise cigarette tax to protect kids

April 22, 2019

It makes me mad. The tobacco industry aggressively markets to youths and young adults to help replace dying tobacco users and guarantee future profits.

It’s time for Nebraska to do something more to protect kids from tobacco’s deadly influence.

I recommend raising the tax on tobacco products, and I am not alone.

I volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, a nonpartisan advocacy organization that is working to reduce the impact cancer has on our state.

The network advocates for a tax increase of $1.50 per pack of cigarettes and equivalent amount for other tobacco products.

If we don’t do something to change the trend, 38,000 kids living in Nebraska today will ultimately die prematurely from smoking.I am asking our Legislature to support efforts to stop Big Tobacco’s influence on our children and make Nebraska a healthier place to live.

Saundra Karst, Wilber, NE