Letter to the Editor: Let’s Come Together to Cure Cancer

December 12, 2016

Posted in the Dec. 12th edition of the Haddam Now. 


Earlier this year, the president announced his intentions to redouble the rate of progress to find new treatments and cures for cancer through a National Cancer Moonshot. As a cancer survivor, I have experienced a renewed hope that we can come together as a nation to finally end suffering and death from a disease that still kills 1,000 people every day. That’s why, volunteering with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), I helped collect hundreds of petitions supporting a renewed investment in cancer research. I recently joined fellow advocates in delivering these petitions to Connecticut’s members of Congress.

We met with staff from Congressman Courtney’s office and reminded them that we are at a point where advancements in research are saving more lives than ever and it’s critical that we keep this momentum going forward.

Congress can do its part by funding the Moonshot by the end of this year. Research requires investment; and a boost of money to the National Cancer Institute can provide researchers across the country with the resources they need to capitalize on the scientific opportunities of today.

There remains strong bipartisan support in Congress for increasing funding for cancer research this year. Doing this will fuel the hope of
the millions of Americans with the disease and the people who love them. Let’s prove our country can come together on an issue that matters to us all.

Donna R. Rogers
Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN)
Higganum CT