Candidates Going On The Record About Cancer Issues

October 19, 2018

We’re getting them on the record.

In some of the nation’s most hotly contested races for Congress and governor, ACS CAN volunteers are getting candidates to answer specific questions about top cancer issues.

From advocating for more cancer research to supporting improved access to quality, affordable health care, our candidate questionnaire is becoming a must-do item for candidates. Our goal – to educate candidates about our issues and convince them to support our priority legislation.

To date, nearly 80% of candidates we’ve approached have either completed our voter guide questionnaire or committed to doing so.  Why? Because our volunteers have been relentless in gathering petitions, making phone calls, attending forums and participating in local events.

With nearly a month to go in the campaign, all major candidates in key races in New Jersey, Minnesota, Tennessee and North Dakota have answered our Cancer Votes questions.   And more responses are on the way.

Visit your state’s page on the ACS CAN page web site to view our exclusive cancer voter guides and see how you can get involved in Cancer Votes activity in your community.