Cancer Patient Medication

July 21, 2017

Step Therapy

Health insurance step therapy protocols can be useful to save costs and establish best practices, but when a patient has already failed on a particular treatment option or when a doctor knows the first step of the protocol will not work for a specific patient, the patients should not be forced to “fail first” before their doctor’s preferred medications are covered.


During the 2017 Texas Legislative session, ACS CAN worked with coalition partners to support passage of SB 680, which establishes exceptions to insurance step therapy requirements to protect patient access to needed treatments in a timely manner.


Medication Synchronization

Cancer patients may have multiple medications to get filled each month, often facing inflexibility on timing of refills.


During the 2017 Texas Legislative session, ACS CAN supported passage of HB 1296, a bill that allows patients to synchronize their refills, using prorated copays when needed, to reduce trips to the pharmacy and improve adherence to their treatment plan. The bill improves patient access, quality of life, and adherence to medical treatment.