ACS CAN Volunteers Hand Out Nonpartisan Voter Guides in Woodbury

October 31, 2018

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteers fanned out in Woodbury on Monday, October 29, to share their nonpartisan voter guide with residents.

The voter guide publishes the responses of both major party candidates for governor on important policy issues related to cancer treatment and prevention. Four volunteers handed out 140 voter guides at residences around Woodbury. ACS CAN assembles the voter guides as part of its Cancer Votes electoral program.

“Many people don’t want to get dragged into partisan politics, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid informing yourself about where the candidates stand on the issues important to you,” explained Mary LaPrairie, ACS CAN Cancer Votes volunteer and Woodbury resident. “Both candidates responded to the questions and their answers appear unedited in the guide. I thought this was a great way to bring both sides together to think about how to change the future of cancer in Minnesota and across the nation.”

LaPrairie’s first inspiration to fight cancer came when she was just 12 years old, and a dear family friend died of breast cancer.

“Our families were so close,” said LaPrairie. “She died at 29 and I watched her boys grow up without her. Many more friends and family have been affected by cancer since then, and I think of all of them as I work to make sure cancer issues are part of the political discussion.”

The complete voter guide is available at

Mary LaPrairie appears on the far left of the photo, joined by fellow ACS CAN volunteers Lois Raboin, Pam Fontem and Amanda Jansen.


The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is making cancer a top priority for public officials and candidates at the federal, state and local levels. ACS CAN empowers advocates across the country to make their voices heard and influence evidence-based public policy change as well as legislative and regulatory solutions that will reduce the cancer burden. As the American Cancer Society’s nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate, ACS CAN is critical to the fight for a world without cancer. For more information, visit