ACS CAN honors staff and volunteers for their advocacy efforts in 2018

September 23, 2018

Every year, ACS CAN kicks off its annual Leadership Summit and Lobby Day event by honoring the volunteers and staff for their incredible achievements. This group of high-performing advocates played a critical role in our legislative successes during the past year.

We are so grateful to all of our volunteers and staff for their work at the local, state and federal levels. It’s because of them that we continue to make important progress toward ending suffering and death from cancer.

Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners!


2018 Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Award for Excellence in Advocacy (VAEA)

Winner: Maureen Mann, Florida

This is ACS CAN’s highest national volunteer advocacy award.


State Lead Ambassador (SLA) of the Year 

Winner: Jacqueline Beale, Maryland

This award, presented to one of the 50 volunteers who lead ACS CAN activities in their state, honors a volunteer who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in advocating for ACS CAN's policy issues at the local, state and federal level.


Ambassador Constituent Team (ACT!) Leads of the Year 

Winners: Ashley Watts, Oklahoma

CJ Heisler, Michigan

Lorna Hill, Ohio

This award is given to three lead congressional district volunteers who have demonstrated remarkable leadership advocating for ACS CAN's areas of cancer-related public policy.


State Advocacy Team of the Year

Winner: Oklahoma

This award is presented to a staff and volunteer team that has worked together to make significant progress in cancer-related public policy.


Emerging Leader Award

Winner: Emily Fain, Georgia

This award honors an individual who has shown exciting promise in their start as a volunteer with ACS CAN.


2018 Staff Awards

Alan Mills Award 

Winner: Cathy Callaway

ACS CAN's highest honor for advocacy staff, this award recognizes a current staff person who has consistently demonstrated leadership and excellence in the area of cancer advocacy and public policy.


Field Government Relations Professional of the Year 

Heather Youmans, Florida

This award recognizes a government relations professional who has worked tirelessly to make a powerful, lasting impression in cancer-related public policy.


Field Grassroots Professional of the Year 

Alyss Patel, Arizona

This award is given to an ACS CAN staff member whose collaborative efforts further the achievement of advocacy-related mission goals.


National/Regional Professional of the Year 

Brian Rubenstein

This award is presented each year to an exemplary staff member who has made significant contributions to the organization through their cancer advocacy work.


American Cancer Society Partner of the Year

Coleen McKinstry, Arizona

This award is presented to a staff member at the American Cancer Society whose collaborative efforts with the organization's advocacy affiliate, ACS CAN, furthers the achievement of advocacy-related mission goals.