About Our Cancer Council Engagement Program

June 15, 2017

The Cancer Council Engagement Program is a newly formed group by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Inc. Hawaii-Pacific, with the aim of training youth ages 17-24 to be knowledgeable about cancer policies in Hawaii and to serve as effective advocates in helping to educate their communities and legislators about measures to prevent cancer.


Specifically, the Youth Cancer Council hopes to provide the following opportunities for its members:

Involvement in policy workgroups and discussions related to physical nutrition and health, access to care and preventative measures that may be taken to decrease the likelihood of cancer.

Leadership experience and interaction with professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Opportunities to present to fellow students, community partners and groups about policy issues in our state.

Meeting with legislators and their staff to inform policy makers about cancer policies.

Resume-building opportunities for youth, including flight accpmodations for neighbor island students to our December advocacy training held at our Headquarters in Honolulu and our March Cancer Awareness Day at the Hawaii State Legislature.


Students applying can select one of three available focuses:


Policy Focus

The policy focus is available for youth that want to pursue a career in policy work and advocacy. Students will learn about the various advocacy organizations at the state and federal level involved in health policy, and also have the opportunity to assist ACS CAN by attending and reporting on policy work meetings.


Health Professional Focus

The health professional focus is available for youth that want to pursue a career as a health professional. Students will be able to learn more about cancer policies at the state and federal level and have the opportunity to meet health professionals that provide direct treatment for patients.


Community Outreach/Education Focus

The community outreach and education focus is available for youth that want to focus on educating communities about cancer policies. Students will be able to develop talking points and speeches and have the opportunity to present to fellow students, elected officials and community members at large.



Students will be expected to commit a minimum of five hours a month for a period of six months renewable for up to two terms.

Students will receive a certificate of completion upon concluding their initial six month term.