Medicaid Covers US: Mississippi


What is Medicaid Covers US?

Medicaid Covers US is a public education project to build on the conversation about Medicaid and the role it plays in the health and well-being of our families, friends and communities. Read the stories of Mississippians below.

Medicaid Covers US in Mississippi

Medicaid is a vital health insurance plan that helps Mississippians stay healthy, go to work and care for their families. Read and watch the stories below to hear from Mississippians across the state who are able to use Medicaid to access the health coverage they need, as well as from Mississippians who are unable to get the care they need because they don’t currently qualify for Medicaid coverage. Sign up to learn more information about the importance of Medicaid in Mississippi, and about the importance of expanding the program to cover more low-income adults.

Tim: Guntown, MS

Tim was working in construction when he noticed sores on his foot, but he didn’t have health insurance to treat it. Years later, he found out that the sores were diabetic ulcers and he needed to have his leg amputated.

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Shane: Tupelo, MS

Shane is the President and CEO of North Mississippi Health Services, the largest rural hospital system in the country. He wants to ensure his patients have access to the care they need, and knows that Medicaid expansion would play a huge role in that.

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Dr. Pace: Tupelo, MS

Dr. Pace is a retired gastroenterologist and a colon cancer survivor. He knows first-hand the importance of early cancer diagnosis, and knows that expanding Medicaid in Mississippi would allow more people to have access to life-saving screenings.

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Ormella: Tupelo, MS

Ormella is the Chief Strategy Officer for North Mississippi Health Services, and too often sees patients come through their doors who have not had the opportunity to get preventive services because they don’t have access to health insurance.

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Lauren: Tupelo, MS

Lauren is a radiation oncology social worker, and often sees uninsured patients. “Not having insurance is something that sometimes worries them more than the diagnosis itself,” she said.

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Kathy: Waynesboro, MS

Kathy is the CEO of Wayne General Hospital, and knows how critical access to health care coverage is not just for her patients, but also for community as a whole.

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Dr. Wood: Waynesboro, MS

Dr. Wood is a family practitioner in Wayne County. He sees many patients who work hard, but do not have health insurance.

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Angel: Biloxi, MS

Angel is the CEO of Coastal Family Health Center located in Biloxi, MS. Angel understands firsthand how important having access to Medicaid is and knows that expanding access to Medicaid will benefit those her community health center serves.

Susan: Biloxi, MS

Susan is unable to access the care she needs because she doesn’t have access to health insurance and does not qualify for Medicaid. If Mississippi were to expand Medicaid, Susan would be able to receive the treatment she needs.

Terrence: Mound Bayou, MS

Terrence is the Chief Executive Officer of the Delta Health Center located in Mound Bayou, MS. He sees Medicaid expansion as a way to help his community health center grow to serve more needs of the community his community health center serves.

Stories from Tupelo

Hear Shane, Lauren and Tim share their stories in this compilation video from Tupelo.


Jonathan: Amory, MS

Jonathan was diagnosed with brain cancer, and when he couldn’t return to work during his treatment, he lost his health insurance. He now is over $30,000 in debt for medical bills.

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Dena: Baldwin, MS

Dena was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer years after she first experienced symptoms. But because she hadn’t had access to health insurance, she couldn’t afford to visit the doctor earlier for a screening.

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