Patient Quality of Life


Photo of Volunteer George Blough

Hi. I’m George Blough, an ACS CAN volunteer from West Virginia and a three-time ovarian cancer survivor.

I know you don’t need me to explain what it’s like to fight cancer. Either you’ve been there yourself or know someone who has. The fear. The stress. The pain. And it doesn’t end just because treatment is over.

But, it can be easier. Not easy, but easier. There is a new and growing way to treat not just cancer, but the cancer patient, too. I’ve experienced it both ways, and the difference is life-changing.

I know fighting cancer is no fun. So, why not do all we can to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors while they go through it.

What do I mean? See for yourself in these two fun illustrations.

My Cancer Experience

With The Typical Way to Provide Care

My Cancer Experience

With A Better Way to Provide Care

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I was spending hours contacting doctor after doctor. There was no coordination.

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I had pain. Emotional stress. And no one was addressing it.

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My family was scared. They wanted to support me, but didn’t know how.

A doctor with specialized training took control of my treatment from Day One.

He coordinated my care, communicating with all of my doctors and nurses.

The doctor asked how I was feeling, addressed my pain and referred me to a psychologist to help with my stress.

He explained things to my family and answered their questions about my treatment and how they could help.