How to Access the ACS CAN Online Service Center: Recurring Gifts


The Online ACS CAN Service Center,, allows donors -- who have pledged to making a recurring donation -- access to the details of their recurring gifts via a self-service portal. Active recurring donors can make changes to any aspect of their donation using the portal.

Navigate to the Service Center and log in. There are options to retrieve your user name and/or reset your password, if necessary. If you select to reset your password, once that is complete, please re-enter the url address in your web brower, and login via that page -- instead of using the hyperlink on the reset page (you can get to the service center via that hyperlink, but doing so requires several additional steps). 

Once logged in to the Service Center you will be able to view all recurring donation pledges associated with the email address used at login. Each pledge has a status, and while any pledge can be viewed, only those in “Active” status can be adjusted. Any of the following actions can be taken on an active pledge by selecting the appropriate hyperlink on the right side of the screen: 

  • Skip Next Payment
  • Discontinue Gift Payments
  • Modify Gift Amount
  • Change billing to a new credit card

Name or address changes to the donor will need to be submitted via email to: [email protected]. That email address can also be used if you have questions about any gift to ACS CAN.

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