Fundraising Resources


Everything you need to promote ACS CAN through your personal fundraisers

impact poster

ACS CAN Impact Poster

What ACS CAN pays for with the money we raise and the impact ACS CAN has made in the past year 


Volunteer Fundraising FAQ - Coming Soon! 

5 steps

Fundraising Tip Sheet

Five steps to help you spread the word for your ACS CAN fundraiser  

what is acs can

What is ACS CAN One Pager

Need help explaining ACS CAN? This document answers the important questions. What is ACS CAN? Why ACS CAN? What does ACS CAN do?  What issues does ACS CAN work on and why? 

Where the Money Goes

"Where does the money go?" Infographic

A snapshot showing where the money goes and what ACS CAN has accomplished in the past year. 

Why Join ACS CAN

Why Join ACS CAN One Pager

A flyer to use to explain how your donations to ACS CAN makes a difference

Your Donations at Work

Your Donations at Work

Your lifesaving donations to ACS CAN make a difference in many ways