Five Questions with Volunteer Allison Johnson


    Missouri State Lead Ambassador Allison JohnsonRole: Missouri State Lead Ambassador

    Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

    Years Volunteering for ACS CAN: 7



How did you first get involved with ACS CAN?

As a sophomore in college, I was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. After a year of chemotherapy I returned to my college campus and began volunteering with Relay For Life and was then introduced to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. 

How did you feel after that first meeting with a lawmaker?

My first meeting with a lawmaker took place on my university campus, which was so special. I felt empowered to be in a place that was fostering my academic growth while also allowing me to advocate for better healthcare for my fellow Missouri residents. 

If someone said to you “ I am not a political person, why should I get involved?” What would your response be?

Being involved with ACS CAN goes way beyond being a “political person.” Volunteering with this organization gives individuals a voice in the fight against cancer and allows our lawmakers to hear the concerns of their constituents. Our lawmakers play a huge role in healthcare legislation, so if you are passionate about improving the lives of Americans and reducing the impact of cancer, it is so important to reach out to elected officials. They need to hear from us!

What types of things do you do as a volunteer for ACS CAN?  

As a volunteer with ACS CAN, I engage with my lawmakers on the state and federal level. I speak with them about various initiatives with the goal of reducing suffering from cancer. I also collaborate with other volunteers in my state on ways we can better engage our lawmakers, participate in fundraisers, and recruit new volunteers in our state. 

Any Final Thoughts?

I would encourage anyone touched by cancer to take action and reach out to their lawmaker. This can be as simple as sending a letter or an email sharing your personal story and passion for fighting cancer. 

Your Support CAN fight Cancer