Policy Prescriptions for Indiana's Cancer Burden

Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 8:00am to 10:00am
United Way of Central Indiana
2955 N. Meridian Street
Lilly Conference Room, 2nd floor
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Indiana has the seventh highest cancer death rate in the country, meaning nearly 14,000 Hoosiers will lose their life to cancer in 2019. Many of these cancer cases are preventable, but Indiana is doing a poor job of implementing prevention and early detection strategies. Join us for a roundtable discussion about the role policymakers can play in improving screening rates, maintaining access to health coverage and encouraging behaviors that reduce the risk of cancer.

Potential Discussion Points:

Screenings - Indiana’s screening rates for breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer lag the national average, which often leads to costlier and less effective outcomes. Yet, the state provides little to no funding for cancer screening and education programs. How can we spur public investment in cancer screening programs that help Hoosiers prevent and detect cancer?

Behaviors - Lifestyles and environments play a big role in determining a person’s health. From high rates of smoking and obesity, to low rates of physical activity and poor neighborhood amenities, Indiana has failed to create a culture of health. How can public policy create healthier communities and encourage healthier behaviors?

Disparities - Though cancer affects everyone, incidence and mortality rates are often higher in certain communities. Low-income populations and communities of color often bear a disproportionate burden of this disease. How can public policy address the distinct challenges that these communities face?