Ensuring Access to Quality Care

Affordable, Adequate Health Insurance: ACS CAN will advocate for policies that ensure access to quality,
affordable and comprehensive health insurance including Medicaid and will support efforts to curb the
availability of inadequate health plans.


Access to Biomarker Testing: ACS CAN will advocate for the passage of SB 954 and HB 1754, which would improve coverage of comprehensive, disease-agnostic biomarker testing. Improving cancer outcomes increasingly relies on the use of precision medicine by using information about a person's biospecimens to better diagnose and treat diseases like cancer. Biomarker testing is an important step to accessing targeted therapies, which can lead to improved survivorship and better quality of life for cancer patients. Yet, insurance coverage fails to keep pace with biomarker testing innovations and advancements in treatment.


Prescription Drug Transparency: ACS CAN supports legislation which restricts the use of copay accumulator adjustments in health insurance plans. We will also advocate for legislation that ensures third party prescription drug copay assistance is counted toward patients’ out-of-pocket cost obligations.


Paid Family and Medical Leave: ACS CAN supports legislation which would establish a paid family and medical leave program for Pennsylvania workers. This legislation would ensure all working cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers have access to paid family and medical leave that allows them to take time off to attend to their own or a loved one’s care without losing their job or income.


Reduce Patient Medical Debt: ACS CAN recognizes the impact of medical debt on people with cancer, caregivers, and their families. In addition to supporting policies that ensure affordable access to comprehensive healthcare coverage, ACS CAN will advocate for policies that prevent the occurrence of medical debt and reduce the impact of medical debt on individuals and families.