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ACS CAN President Lisa Lacasse shares her views on the impact of advocacy on the cancer fight.



June 28, 2019

Celebrating Clean Air Across Florida

Last fall, ACS CAN Florida staff and volunteers joined public health advocates statewide in celebration when Florida voters overwhelmingly supported updating the state’s smoke-free law to include electronic cigarettes. Now, they’re celebrating again as the law is implemented next week.

June 7, 2019

The Next Generation of Cancer Advocates

ASC CAN prioritizes engaging volunteers that represent diverse populations, and one specific strategy is to actively engage students, teens and young adults nationwide to support our mission to fight cancer through public policy advocacy

May 31, 2019

World No Tobacco Day: We Must Take Action, Now

Each year, World No Tobacco Day shines a global spotlight on the devastating effects that tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure have on public health worldwide. Everyone – lawmakers, public leaders, parents – should heed the World No Tobacco Day call-to-action, and seize the opportunity to join us in this fight.