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ACS CAN President Lisa Lacasse shares her views on the impact of advocacy on the cancer fight.


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February 10, 2017

Taking on Cancer in Your State Capitol

Throughout the country, in every state, territory and Washington D.C., ACS CAN staff and volunteers have hit the ground running in 2017, working with local lawmakers to pass and implement public health policies proven to have the highest impact in saving lives from cancer.

January 31, 2012

California Bans Tanning Bed Use for Under 18

As a father, I know how attractive tanning beds can seem to youth who want tan skin all year round. My wife strongly discouraged my daughter while she was growing up from using tanning beds because she was concerned about her risk of getting skin cancer. ThatŠ—'s why I was fully supportive and very excited about a historic new law California enacted this month that bans the use of tanning beds for those under 18.