Business Leaders Support Amendment 2 in the Fight Against Cancer

As top business leaders in Missouri and members of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) CEOs Against Cancer, we are committed to leveraging our knowledge, power and resources to save lives and win the fight against cancer.

Having access to health insurance coverage is critical in the fight against cancer. On August 4th Missouri voters will have an opportunity to increase access to care by voting yes on Amendment 2, a ballot initiative that will help improve the health and well-being of more than 230,000 individuals and families in our state. Voting yes on Amendment 2 will provide countless individuals access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage that will help them get well, stay well and create a stronger workforce in Missouri.

When people have access to health insurance, they can access the primary and preventive care that will help them prevent, detect, treat and manage a variety of health conditions, including cancer. Improving lower income Missourians’ access to health insurance will help reduce cancer incidence and mortality and help us continue making progress in the fight against cancer in every county and community across the state. 

We know that cancer doesn’t affect all communities equally. Our ability to continue to make progress against this disease relies heavily on eliminating the inequities that exist in access to health insurance coverage, cancer prevention and care. As business leaders, we are committed to working with ACS and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) to use our resources to help advocate for solutions to problems that lead to later stage diagnoses and higher cancer mortality rates, especially in communities of color. Improving access to health insurance coverage through Amendment 2 is one of the most critical things we can do to make a difference right now.

Voting yes on Amendment 2 will also help grow the state’s economy. It is estimated that we could return more than $1 billion in our own federal taxpayer dollars to the state, injecting these much-needed funds in our medical, hospital and health care system and improving the overall health of our state. Amendment 2 would also help hospitals, particularly in Missouri’s rural and underserved communities. Since 2014, 10 rural hospitals in Missouri have closed, limiting access to lifesaving medical care. Amendment 2 will help reduce the amount of free care provided by hospitals, helping them keep their doors open, maintain jobs and ensure they can continue to support their local economies.

As business leaders in Missouri and volunteers for ACS and ACS CAN, we urge Missourians to vote yes on Amendment 2. Providing our friends, family and neighbors access to health insurance coverage through our state Medicaid program will help to address health disparities in our state, improve public health, reduce the burden of cancer and strengthen Missouri’s economy.

Warner Baxter, Chairman, President, & CEO, Ameren

Tom Chulick, President & CEO, St. Louis Regional Chamber

Bob Clark, Executive Chairman & Founder, Clayco

Candace Jennings, President, SSM Health St. Louis Region

Sharon John, President and CEO, Build-a-Bear Workshop

Joe Koenig, President, World Wide Technology

Mike LaMartina, Chief Revenue Officer, Ballpark Village

Joe Leahy, Chief Creative Officer, HLK

Richard J. Liekweg, President and CEO, BJC Healthcare

Trish Lollo, President, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Stephen Mackin, Senior Vice-President, Mercy & President, Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Michael Neidorff, Chairman, President, & CEO of Centene Corporation

Steve O’Loughlin, President, Lodging Hospitality Management

Penny Pennington, Managing Partner, Edward Jones

John Sheehan, Senior Vice President, CBRE