ACS CAN 2024 New York City Priorities

In 2024 the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) will work with the New York City Council and other city leaders on legislative and regulatory efforts that provide affordable, adequate access to health care, ensure adequate funding for lifesaving cancer screening and prevention programs, enact prevention policies to protect kids from tobacco products and help support those who are trying to quit and more. We will be making the following fact-based policies a priority and ask for your support.

Download the 2024 NYC Legislative Priorities Here.  

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection 

  • Comprehensive Cancer Control Programming: ACS CAN will advocate that New York City renew its commitment to reducing cancer death rates by maintaining its current budget for “Diabetes and Cancer” at $1.928 Million and for “Chronic Disease Prevention” at $3.789 Million in Fiscal Year 2024-2025. 
  • HPV: ACS CAN will advocate for policies to increase uptake of the HPV vaccine including a school vaccination requirement, and appropriate funding for HPV vaccine education and administration focused on the importance of vaccination for all New Yorkers and combatting disinformation efforts. 
  • Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding: ACS CAN will advocate that New York City continue its commitment to curbing tobacco use by maintaining its current budget for tobacco control, tobacco use cessation and enforcement at $9.062 Million in Fiscal Year 2024-2025.
  • End the Sale of Menthol Tobacco: ACS CAN will advocate in support of legislation to end the sale of menthol cigarettes and all flavored tobacco.

Ensuring Access to Quality Care 

  • Expand Patient Navigation Services: Patient navigators have been shown to help increase cancer screening rates among historically marginalized racial and ethnic populations by providing access to disease prevention education, conducting community outreach, and facilitating public education campaigns. ACS CAN will advocate for a city appropriation to provide patient navigation services to cancer patients.
  • Reducing Medical Debt: ACS CAN recognizes the impact of medical debt on people with cancer, caregivers, and their families. In addition to supporting policies that ensure affordable access to comprehensive healthcare coverage, ACS CAN will advocate for policies that prevent the occurrence of medical debt and reduce the impact of incurred medical debt on individuals and families.
  • Transportation to Cancer Screening and Treatment: ACS CAN will advocate that New York City invest in programs that provide free rides to cancer-related medical appointments including screening and treatment. Not having a ride shouldn’t stand between patients and accessing critical screening or lifesaving treatment.