Access to Care

Step Therapy: We support step therapy reform legislation. To save money, insurers will sometimes make cancer patients “fail first” with cheaper medications that were not originally prescribed to them by their physician. If the patient fails on one or more of these medications, then they will be able to “step up” to the treatment that they should have been receiving all along. Step therapy is not just an annoyance for patients, it is a danger to their health. On granting a step therapy exception determination, the health care insurer, pharmacy benefits manager or utilization review organization is required to authorize coverage for the prescription drug prescribed by the patient's treating health care provider.


Prior Authorization Standardization:  We support legislation that standardizes the prior authorization form in the state of Arizona. Prior authorization requires pre-approval from a patient’s health insurance plan for specific medications or treatments for cancer patients.


Firefighter Insurance: We support legislation that enforces protections for firefighters and first responders who are diagnosed with cancers linked to their workplace.