2024 Legislative Priorities in Michigan

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding

ACS CAN will work to increase funding for fact-based, statewide tobacco prevention and cessation programs to $8.3 million. This increase will allow the program to fund more support for local communities, provide funding for multi-media campaigns, support for Michigan's Quitline, and more. ACS CAN will also advocate for all insurance plans, including the state Medicaid program, to provide a comprehensive cessation benefit that covers individual, group, and telephone counseling and all FDA-approved tobacco cessation medications without cost-sharing or other barriers to accessing care. Michigan is ranked 49th for spending in tobacco cessation and prevention and ranked #12 for smoking rates.

Co-Pay Accumulator Programs

Copay accumulator programs allow the enrollee to use copay assistance (which include both copay coupons and support programs), but the amount of the support does not count towards the individual’s max out of pocket expense (or deductible). A bill was recently introduced in Michigan to make sure all co-pays count, which is crucial for cancer patients to ensure they do not go without the medication they need.

Biomarker Testing Education

Biomarker testing ensure patients get the right treatment at the right time. It allows doctors to precisely target the cancer so that patients may not have to undergo more generalized treatments like chemo and radiation. However, many insurance companies are not covering this testing. This year, ACS CAN Michigan will be working on an education campaign to raise awareness about biomarkers and the need for lawmakers to hold insurance accompanies accountable.