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In 2009, we won a hard-fought campaign that led to Congress passing a law granting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to regulate all tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and hookah. Yet, it took the FDA seven years to begin their oversight of many of these products with much more work left to be done. 

Recent spikes in the use of e-cigarettes makes clear that more must be done to regulate tobacco products and the industry's deceptive marketing practices.  We are working to ensure the government fully leverages the regulatory power it now possesses to protect children and adults. 

Tobacco use costs our nation nearly $300 billion in health care and productivity losses each year.

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Oppose efforts to weaken government oversight of tobacco products

Ask Congress to oppose efforts to weaken the FDA's oversight authority over all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, cigars and hookahs.

Latest Updates

November 21, 2018

Minty-flavored and “easier” to smoke, menthol cigarettes have long been marketed to African Americans and have appealed to new smokers and teens. But, thanks to a proposal last week by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to end to the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars those products will

November 6, 2018

Nearly 70 percent of Florida voters supported Amendment 9 on Election Day, which will add a prohibition on using electronic smoking devices in most indoor workplaces to the state’s Constitution. In response to these election results, Heather Youmans, Florida’s senior government relations director with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) released the following statement.

September 24, 2018
New Hampshire

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has called the use of e-cigarettes among young people an “epidemic” and state health officials support the message. Read more: Seacoast Online - FDA calls e-cigarette use an epidemic in young people

September 5, 2018

In a major victory in the fight against tobacco, a judge ruled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must implement new rules requiring tobacco companies to place graphic health warnings on cigarette packs and in their advertisements. A decade ago, ACS CAN staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to

Regulation and Products Resources

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network provided comments to the Food and Drug Administration on the proposed clarification of when products made or derived from tobacco are to be regulated as drugs, devices, or combination products under the authority of the Center for Drug Evaluation

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, with its partners, provided comments to the Food and Drug Administration urging rulemaking for child-resistant packaging and nicotine exposure warnings on liquid nicotine products.

Electronic tobacco products, or e-cigarettes, commonly refer to the category of battery-operated products that are designed to deliver a heated aerosol containing nicotine and other chemicals to the user.