What We Do


Achieving a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer requires a comprehensive public policy agenda. Our mission and thus our work includes a strong focus on preventing cancer, seeking new cures and treatments and ensuring all Americans have access to the medical care that could save their life.  We also support the determination and courage of cancer patients and survivors by working to improve their quality of life both during treatment and after it has ended. 

Our enormous record of accomplishment is a result of our volunteers and staff relentlessly advocating at every level of government, from local city councils and county commissions to every state legislature, the U.S. Congress and the federal government.  

Photo of ACS CAN Volunteers participating in research funding event

Cancer Research Funding

Cancer research saves lives.  It's why we work tirelessly to convince Congress to make federal funding for cancer research a top budget priority. 

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Patient Quality of Life

We can save more lives and reduce health care spending by focusing on the needs of cancer patients and their caregivers during and after treatment. 

Photo of female patient and doctor

Access to Health Care

We advocate to ensure all Americans have access to affordable health insurance and cancer care - from prevention through treatment.

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Tobacco Control

We advocate at every level of government to pass laws that prevent children from smoking, help adults quit and ensure the government regulates tobacco industry practices. 

Image of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Participant

Cancer Prevention

We work with state and federal officials to implement laws and increase funding for programs that are proven to prevent cancer and save lives. 


Medicaid Covers US

Medicaid Covers US is a public education campaign launched by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) to foster an important dialogue about the value of Medi

Photo of a woman breaking a cigarette in half

Big Tobacco Lawsuit

In 2006, the American Cancer Society and other plaintiffs won a major court case against Big Tobacco.