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Basilio RiveraFlorida SLA Butch Rivera

My name is Basilio Manuel Rivera, but all of my friends and associates call me "Butch".  It is my honor to serve as the incoming Florida State Lead Ambassador for ACS CAN.  I have had the pleasure of working with ACS CAN for the past 4 years as the ACT Lead for Florida District 9 in Central Florida with the last two years serving as the Vice SLA.

Prior to joining ACS CAN, like many of our members, spent many years as a part of the Relay for Life program in the Lake Buena Vista area.  Like so many of us, cancer has impacted me and my family on many levels.   I am a 4-year survivor of prostate cancer and lost members of my family to cancer including my mother.  My mother-in-law passed away from heart failure after surviving a long battle with stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma.  I willingly give of my time so that I can advocate for research funding and programs that can end this disease that has taken so many lives.  My mother-in-law thrived for almost 10 years after her diagnosis due to some new advances made in medicine at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa.  This gift of additional time was due to the advancements made with research funding from the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute, this is why I advocate.

Personally, I have been married to my wonderful wife, Yamile, for almost 40 years and we have been given the gift of 4 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren.  My work with ACS CAN is as much for them as it is for countless families I don’t even know.  Together we all can make a difference.  


Why is being an ACS CAN volunteer important to you?

I felt that advocacy work with ACS CAN allows me to positively affect others who may not otherwise have a voice. I enjoy advocating for cancer patients, their families, and survivors. It is in this process that I can positively impact the lives of others by helping to implement policies that can assist with research, access to care, and raising awareness.  

What is your proudest accomplishment as an ACS CAN volunteer?

There have been many great moments since I began my advocacy work with ACS CAN, however, being able to advocate and fight for cancer patients this past year while dealing with a pandemic showed me how resilient we are as a group and how proud I was of being involved with others as passionate for this cause as I was. Cancer doesn’t stop and neither should our advocacy work. I was very proud of the determination of my peers to continue to advocate and pass positive legislation during these, particularly challenging times.

Why should others in your community get involved with ACS CAN?

Unfortunately, cancer has affected us all in one way or another, and by getting involved in ACS CAN you truly will make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. Working with other passionate individuals to positively impact others by advocacy is a rewarding experience that is truly humbling. Our voices matter and by raising our concerns, pushing for funding, research, and legislation crucial to those affected by cancer, collectively, we CAN improve the lives of cancer patients and make a difference one legislative session at a time.


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