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Arizona Senate Bill 1147: A Gift to Big Tobacco

Arizonans need to act now and tell their legislators not to be fooled by Senate Bill 1147. This bill would do little to protect public health and would do a lot to help Big Tobacco peddle its products to our children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, e-cigarettes led to a 36-percent spike in overall tobacco use among youth. Big Tobacco’s public relations campaign around SB 1147 tries to convince the Legislature that the bill is the answer to tobacco control, but it’s far from it. Here are just a few reasons why SB 1147 must be rejected:

  • SB 1147 doesn’t define e-cigarettes for what they are – a product of Big Tobacco. Altria supports SB 1147. This is the same company that invested $12.8 billion into JUUL and serves as the parent company of Phillip Morris, maker of Marlboro cigarettes.
  • SB 1147 does not provide for any additional enforcement or tobacco prevention strategies. 
  • SB 1147 explicitly prohibits Arizona municipalities from establishing any additional tobacco prevention ordinances in regards to tobacco sale, marketing or use. 
  • Rep. John Allen bowed to Altria when he agreed to sponsor SB 1147. Tell Rep. Allen and your legislator that SB 1147 is a Big Tobacco bill, and it needs to be withdrawn.

Tobacco companies and their allies created the public health problem Arizona’s battling today. It would be foolish to trust them to fix it. Act now to stop this bill in its tracks!

Take action: Tell your state representatives that SB 1147 is wrong for Arizona's health.