Jamila: Baton Rouge, LA


During the summer of 2017, Jamila was six months pregnant and finishing up a fellowship program that provided health insurance. However, with the end of her fellowship came the end of her health care coverage and while she had a new job lined up, her new health insurance wouldn’t kick in right away. This was especially problematic given Jamila’s due date fell in right in the middle of this gap. Jamila knew she would never be able to afford having a baby without insurance.

JamilaJamila applied for Medicaid, unsure if she would qualify. She was relieved when she received a letter in the mail notifying her that she was eligible for coverage. Her Medicaid coverage allowed her to keep up with her remaining prenatal visits and deliver her baby.

Jamila’s son is now a healthy 18-month-old, and the two are insured through her job. When looking back on her experience with Medicaid, Jamila feels extremely grateful: “Medicaid has been a lifesaver and it helped me have peace of mind when I was transitioning into becoming a mom in between jobs.”

Medicaid Covers US

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