Expand Access to Biomarker Testing in California

CA Biomarkers


Biomarker testing helps connect patients with the right treatment at the right time. ACS CAN and partners are working together to make sure more Californians can benefit from this important testing.
What is Biomarker Testing?

  • In cancer care, biomarkers are often used to help determine the best treatment for a patient.

  • A “biomarker” is a sign of disease or abnormal function that can be measured in blood, tissue or bodily fluid. 

  • Biomarker testing is the analysis of a patient’s tissue, blood or other biospecimen for the presence of a biomarker.

Watch our brief video to learn more about how biomarker testing helps cancer patients and what can be done to improve access and advance health equity.

Biomarker Testing Explainer Video









And watch Pete's story to see the impact of biomarker testing first hand.  When he was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, he was given just five months to live. But thanks to biomarker testing and a clinical trial targeting his biomarkers, he’s thriving with no evidence of disease more than seven years later. 

Pete's Story

ACS CAN California is proud to co-sponsor Senate Bill 912 (Limón) to ensure more Californians benefit from these tests.

  • Not all communities are benefitting from the latest advancements in biomarker testing and precision medicine.
  • Marginalized communities including communities of color, individuals with lower socioeconomic status, rural communities, and those receiving care in non-academic medical centers are less likely to receive biomarker testing.
  • Improving coverage for and access to biomarker testing across insurance types is key to reducing health disparities.
  • Without action to expand coverage and access to biomarker testing, advances in precision medicine could increase existing disparities in cancer outcomes by race, ethnicity, income, and geography.
  • Insurance coverage for biomarker testing is failing to keep pace with innovations and advancements in treatment.

Senate Bill 912 will increase access to biomarker testing, ensuring patients receive the right treatment at the right time by requiring state-regulated plans, including Medi-Cal Managed Care, to cover comprehensive biomarker testing when supported by medical and scientific evidence, including nationally recognized clinical practice guidelines.