Example Materials


Check out a variety of sample fundraising materials created by your fellow volunteers.

Editable Flyers

Do you need a flyer for your fundraiser? Choose from the five examples below. Simply download and plug in your information.

Bake Sale Flyer Bake Sale Flyer
BBQ Flyer BBQ Flyer
Food Truck Fundraiser Food Truck Fundraiser
General Event Flyer General Event Flyer
Lights of Hope flyer Lights of Hope Flyer


Example Materials

ACS CAN Rhode Island Fundraisers Flyer ACS CAN Rhode Island Fundraisers
Backyard BBQ Flyer Backyard BBQ Flyer
Crave A Cure Flyer Crave A Cure Flyer
Golf Tourney Flyer Final Tourney Flyer
New Jersey Art Fundraiser New Jersey Art Fundraiser
Poppy's Waffles Event Flyer Poppys Waffles Fundraiser
Poster Parking Lot BBQ Flyer Poster Parking Lot BBQ
Wine fundraiser flyer Wine Fundraiser Flyer