Nacional Press Releases

14 de Junio de 2018

Patient Groups: Uphold Health Care Law As Congress Intended

Patient groups representing millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions filed an amicus curiae or friend of the court brief in the U.S. District Court case, Texas v. United States, citing the devastating impact patients would face should the court side with plaintiffs and move to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. 

15 de Mayo de 2018

Cancer Patients, Survivors, Caregivers and Volunteers Urge Congress to Increase Cancer Research Funding

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) volunteers will head to Capitol Hill today with over 100 other cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, physicians and researchers representing more than 50 cancer organizations to share poll results that show overwhelming public support for continued robust and sustained federal investment in cancer research and urge lawmakers to make fighting cancer a top national priority.