True Cost of Tobacco SC

Did you know… South Carolina residents pay $911 per household annually in additional state and federal taxes to cover smoking-caused government expenses?

Let’s reduce the toll of tobacco on our families by increasing the cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack. 

We know that a $1.50 per pack increase in the SC cigarette tax would:
•  Prevent 26,500 kids under 18 from becoming adults who smoke
•  Help 37,900 adults who currently smoke quit 
•  Prevent 17,900 premature smoking-caused deaths
•  Reduce the heavy burden placed on the state's healthcare system by tobacco-related illnesses  

Increasing the tobacco tax will: improve public health, decrease the cost of health care, and generate revenue for critical unmet needs in our state.  As your constituent, I am asking you to support a $1.50 per pack increase in the SC cigarette tax and an increase in the other tobacco products tax to parallel the new cigarette tax to save lives and money.