Sign the Petition: It's time to make tobacco prevention a priority in Iowa

During 2019 we are working hard in Iowa to move forward legislation that would prevent kids from ever starting to smoke and help current tobacco users quit.

This proposal has bipartisan support and we are urging all lawmakers to support this important effort.  Significantly raising tobacco prices by increasing tobacco taxes and providing additional funding for state tobacco prevention programs is a proven means of preventing kids from smoking, and helping adults quit. Here are some reasons our elected representatives need to step up and support an increase in our tobacco tax and prevention and cessation funding:

  • Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death of Iowans.
  • It has been more than a decade since lawmakers last increased Iowa's cigarette tax.
  • By increasing the tobacco tax by $1.50 we would prevent premature, tobacco-caused death in 8,800 Iowans and prevent 12,900 youth under 18 from ever becoming adult smokers.

Show your support and sign the petition. #Raiseit4HealthIA

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