Protect Access to Care for TennCare Enrollees

Countless low-income Tennesseans are covered by TennCare (Tennessee’s Medicaid program) including cancer patients, children, pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

Implementation of the TennCare III waiver will cap the amount of federal funding available to the state to administer the program and reduce TennCare enrollees access to lifesaving care, including cancer treatments. The benefits, services, and care provided through this lifesaving program helps individuals and families throughout the state prevent, manage, maintain, and win their battles against diseases like cancer. 

It is vital that the Division of TennCare is transparent about any proposed changes that would limit or restrict access coverage, including lifesavings medications and treatments.

I urge the Tennessee General Assembly to create transparency through the FY 2022 budget and Government Operations Rule Review Committee process to hold the Division of TennCare accountable for guarantees that have been made to protect, preserve and promote the health of TennCare enrollees when implementing the TennCare III waiver.