Countdown to Take Down Tobacco Day: Making Your Concerns on Big Tobacco Heard

Leading up to Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids: Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action on April 1, we’re asking parents and pediatricians, children and cancer survivors, teens, teachers and more to make their voice heard and share how the youth tobacco epidemic is impacting their own lives, that of loved ones or their communities.

We want you to speak directly to those responsible – Big Tobacco and its allies – who continue to target our youth with aggressive marketing and flavored tobacco products.

Current tobacco preemption bills in the General Assembly threaten to block any action from our communities and citizens to pass laws that regulate the industry and their targeted tactics. We need you to make your voice heard and tell decision makers the dangerous threat preemption poses in being able to continue to progress public health.

See instructions below. Deadline to submit is Monday, March 29th.

  • Find the Application. If you have an iPhone, open the Voice Memos application. If you have an Android, it’s the Voice Recorder application.
  • Record Your Note to Big Tobacco. Click the red button to begin recording and click it again to stop. Make sure to record in a space of your home or outside where there is minimal to no background noise. Speak clearly when recording. Keep your voice note to no more than 15 seconds max.

For example, “As a teacher, I see how e-cigarettes have consumed the life of my students and their nicotine addiction grow right before my very eyes. Not too long after I them pick up an e-cigarette do I catch them with combustibles a few months later. I won’t let you addict yet another generation to your deadly products. My students mean the world to me, and I will continue to take a stand and speak out on their behalf.”

  • Save and Send. Applications differ on how to save your voice note, but most do automatically. You should see it saved in your application’s folder or be directed to do so. When naming your file, follow the format Name_City_Age_Perspective. For example, Kate_Charleston_31_Teacher. Once it’s properly saved send it via e-mail to [email protected].

*Please be aware any recordings sent to the above e-mail is an authorization to share on social media and with the public. The voice notes will not be altered in anyway.