2022 ACS CAN Florida "Lunch & Listen" Virtual Series

Join us for our inaugural trilogy beginning this summer!

ACS CAN Florida is proud to present our inaugural virtual policy series on Research and Innovation. In 2022, we will be offering three "Lunch & Listen" programs in the Summer and Fall of this year featuring topics:

  • August 25: Biomarker Testing & Precision Medicine: The Patient Experience
  • September 22: Innovation in Early Detection
  • October 20: The Role of Research in Reducing Health Disparities


Thank you for registering for the 2022 ACS CAN Florida Virtual Series. More information will be sent your way closer to the events.

As a reminder, our events are as follows:

Aug 25th - Biomarkers and Precision Medicine

Sept 22nd - Innovation In Early Detection

Oct 20th - Role of Research in Reducing Disparities

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Storm Goodlin at [email protected]